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An exploration of skills and knowledge every fire officer must possess on the fire ground.

This 9-hour training class is designed to assist Fire Officers with a review/refresher of fire ground skills along with the introduction of some new ideas and thought processes to assist them in their job. For those hoping on becoming a fire officer it will aid them in understanding the role, responsibilities, and skills that a Company Officer must possess. The class is fun, fast paced and has been meet with high praise where it has been presented.

We will examine:

  • What makes a good company officer
  • What a fire service leader should be
  • Readiness; yours and the company‚Äôs
  • Your role in safety
  • The fire ground decision making process
  • The command sequence
  • Initial size up
  • Ongoing size up
  • Size up sequence
  • Fire flow requirements
  • Order of operations
  • Understanding fire and smoke behavior and the message it is sending
  • Building construction for the fire service
  • Offensive and defensive attack

These items are all aspects of NFPA 1521. We will explore in great depth the fire ground responsibilities and skills that make an effective Company officer. The class is fast paced and encourages the students to personally challenge themselves in self-evaluation. The opportunity is presented to assist the student in areas where personal improvement might be needed, without calling out attention to it.

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