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This 9-hour training class is designed to present ideas, skills and knowledge in the development of good fire ground strategies and the implementation of tactics to support those strategies. It is aimed at those departments that are more rural and suburban in demographics. The class focuses in on what is realistic for the area.

The class will explore:

  • Our foundation: what do we have to work with
  • Fire ground decision-making
  • The 3 fire ground priorities
  • The role of the Company Officer on the fire ground
  • Developing strategies to achieve your goals
  • Order of operations
  • Tactics; can you achieve them?
  • Implementation of the tactics
  • Communications, do they really understand?
  • Safety and its role on the fire ground
  • The command sequence
  • Fireground operations and ongoing Size-up
  • The coordinated fire attack
  • Fire and smoke behavior and what it is telling us

Through the use of interactive fire ground scenario software we will run fire ground operations, using the students in various roles. The scenarios presented will be consistent with the types of structures found in the area and will better prepare those in Officers roles to make better and safer decisions. Students will receive a class workbook to assist in knowledge retention.

The class is fast paced and fun! It encourages the students to explore their own knowledge and realize areas they can improve in.

We can accommodate a class of up to 75 students



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