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At Cross St. Associates we believe that Rapid Intervention Training is more important than ever before!  To evaluate your departments RIT capabilities ask yourself these 3 questions:

1.  How confident am I of the Firefighter Survival and Rescue Skills that my members have.

2. How confident am I that if the need arises they will make a credible, gallant effort to save the life of one of our members?

3. I would, without hesitation, put my son or daughters life in their hands?

In today’s fire service the dangers to those responding are increasing.  This increase is caused by many facets including lightweight building construction, reduced staffing in the Career and Volunteer sector, and the lack of available money for extensive training. 

Because of these and other factors we need to provide better training to our departments in the Rapid Intervention discipline.  It is these skills that can make a survival difference if a firefighter is trapped, lost or injured.  At Cross St. we believe in a Regional training approach to RIC.  Our objectives are:

  • One standard system of techniques taught
  • The ability to staff RIC Teams with members from different departments as they will now have the same identical training
  • Create standardized basic equipment needs
  •  Ensure that trained and qualified firefighters are staffing the RIC teams
  • Develop a system that allows us to initially work within our staffing levels

To achieve these goals we offer 3 levels of Firefighter RIC skills training plus a RIC Operations Officers Command Program.

RIC LEVEL I – The basics
RIC LEVEL II – Advanced skills and firefighter survival training 
RIC LEVEL III - RIT Under Live Fire Conditions!

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