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Your firefighters need to be prepared to do the job with your level of manpower! This class takes the basic skills we must possess and teaches them along with tricks, tips and tools of the trade that will make your personnel smarter, more capable and safer. The Program can be offered as modular components or as a comprehensive continuing class. All classes are geared towards the staffing levels we face every day!   Street Smart and Prepared!

Subjects include:

  • SCBA Boot Camp- 9 to 12 hours of intense SCBA training. (99% hands on)
  • Search and Rescue- Skills, techniques and training that will make a difference to the success or failure of this most critical task. (9 hours)
  • Ground Ladders-  Why we need to thrown them and how to do it quickly and safely with minimal manpower! The quick skills of selecting, moving and raising ground ladders. This 12 hour class includes all students climbing, descending (both with and without tools) , entering and exiting windows or roofs and rescue carries. (12 hours)
  • Fire Behavior and Reading Smoke-  All firefighters need to really understand the nature and science of BOTH fire and smoke! Their lives depend on it. This 4 hour seminar will give them the knowledge to better understand, with understandable examples, of what exactly they are looking at and seeing.
  • Building Construction-  All firefighters need to know and understand how a structure is built, how it will burn (path of travel) and how it will collapse. This 3 1/2 hour seminar will give them the basic understanding of structures within your response area and what they need to know to operate safely.
  • Ventilation- Ventilation is a critical tactic and task on all fire grounds. We need to understand what it does, how it works, how to do it, and why it is imperative to understand why it must be done with command and control in mind. The class is 7 hours and will review all types of ventilation including natural, hydraulic, negative pressure and positive pressure. The class is a combination of lecture and hands on.
  • Forcible Entry - Getting in and getting out are important skills we need to be able to execute. This 3 1/2 hour class is lecture and hands on using our unique forcible entry props for doors and windows.
  • Attack Lines , Getting the Water to the Fire! (hose nozzles and appliances) This is the basics of what we use every day! Students will learn Street Smart techniques to advancing and using hand lines. The class is geared towards what your department uses. We review and train on selecting the right line, pre-connects, advancing into a structure, up and down stairs, moving charged and un-charged hose lines, long stretches ("mansion loads") and stand pipe operations. Getting the water to the fire is critical. Hose handling is the key! (9 hours)
  • Water Supply - This 9 hour class will focus on how your department delivers and supplies water! We cover hydrant operations, laying in (forward and reverse) making the pump connection, charging supply lines (timing and coordination) LDH capabilities, safety considerations, LDH appliances, connecting to sprinklers and standpipes, and the use of master streams and how to set them up safely and securely. The class focus is supply hose (3", 4" and 5"). The class will teach operating quickly, safely and with great efficiency
  • Tanker Shuttle - Operating a tanker shuttle can make or break an operation. This class will teach the basic concepts, reasonable goals, what will affect the operation, fill sites and dump sites. It is done in plain and simple terms. The real time shuttle operation will give your department a realistic look at what their capabilities are, and how much water they can expect!
  • Pump Operators Hydraulics - this 7 hour class will teach the basics of how your pump works, and how to operate your hand lines. The focus is on what type of lines and nozzles your department uses. All students will get hands on pump panel time.
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